Home Rules
NOTE: The following rules may be modified or expanded upon at anytime. There will be an announcement if/when the rules change and the changes will go into effect immediately. We work to make fair rules that give an enjoyable experience for everyone.

1. Do not attempt to bypass the profanity filter in posts and submissions.
2. Videos that contain profanity or content inappropriate for all audiences must be marked as mature.
3. Treat all members on the site with respect. Harassment of others on the site will not be tolerated.
4. Do not spam or access the site with automated programs (bots).
5. Do not post content you did not create.
6. You acknowledge that the site is still in beta and may contain bugs.
7. If you find a bug you will report it and not attempt to exploit it.
8. Do not put unnecessary strain on the server through the use of bots (or any other method).
9. Do not attempt to hack the server that the site is hosted on.
10. For anything not mentioned in the rules you will use online etiquette and common sense.
11. Moderators have full discretion to decide how to handle any situation that violates the rules.